In the Treeneland, you can also go cycling on routes away from the roads
A group excursion to Lake Sankelmark
Part of the long Oxen Path leads through the Treeneland
A little eyecatcher in the middle of the roundabout before Tarp

Cykling tour "Around Sankelmark"

This route covers 8 km along little-used roads through the middle of the country, passing green meadows, yellow cornfields and juicy maize. The starting point is at the western end of Sankelmarker See. Those who wish to do so can shorten the tour by about half, by going via the Moorweg.

Das gibt es hier zu entdecken

Cycling and Pure Nature

Special highlights await cyclists in the Treeneland: as well as charming circular tours, parts of the historical Ochsenweg route and the history-charged Stapelholmer route through the region offer excellent conditions for discovering the region and its people and the beauty of the landscape on a cycling tour.

Sankelmarker See

56 ha – a paradise for numerous species.
With a little luck you will even discover a kingfisher!

You can enjoy idyllic nature by the Sankelmarker See, which can be walked around in 90 minutes. 66 ha – a paradise for numerous species. With a little luck you will even discover a kingfisher!

Academy Centre Sankelmark

The Akademiezentrum Sankelmark is in a beautiful location in the woods on the north bank of the lake. With three academies under one roof, the centre is renowned far beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein. The centre offers a varied range of seminars and events. A café with a splendid view invites you to linger for a while with home-made cakes.

Viewing platforms

Viewing platforms by the Sankelmarker See, in the Fröruper Mountains and in the Treenetal in Tarp offer a fantastic view of the region.


6th February
- every year the Oeversee March takes place in remembrance

In February 1864, rearguard fighting took place between the Danish army and the Prussian and Austrian troops at the Sankelmarker See. There were been many fallen and wounded on both sides. Three monuments were built in their memory. The historical tavern in Oeversee was used as a military hospital at that time. The inn looks like a museum, with pictures, weapons and helmets as striking relics of past events.


From the 12th century
- both churches were at that time already on important long distance paths/pilgrimage routes

Find repose, peace and sanctuary – the old St. George Church in Oeversee once acted as a fortress church. On the tower, you can still see the arrow slits. But the altar and the vault paintings are also worth seeing. The St. Peter Church in Sieverstedt, built around 1100 in the Roman architectural style using boulders, is one of the oldest churches in the peninsula of Angeln. There is a lot to discover in this church.

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