In the Treeneland, you can also go cycling on routes away from the roads
A group excursion to Lake Sankelmark
Part of the long Oxen Path leads through the Treeneland
A little eyecatcher in the middle of the roundabout before Tarp

Cycling tour „Deer Trail“

On this tour, covering 18 km on asphalted agricultural roads and sometimes on solid woodland paths, cyclists find themselves amid the greenest of natural landscapes, including the woods of the Fröruper Mountains. The inland dunes are a very rare natural phenomenon. The tour continues through the Großsolter Moor and the Budschimoor.

Enchanted fog
– Diffuse light conditions by the lake make for fascinating photos

Das gibt es hier zu entdecken

Cycling and Pure Nature

Special highlights await cyclists in the Treeneland: as well as charming circular tours, parts of the historical Ochsenweg route and the history-charged Stapelholmer route through the region offer excellent conditions for discovering the region and its people and the beauty of the landscape on a cycling tour.

Fröruper Mountains

Diversity of species
- sundew, wild orchids and crested newts, black woodpeckers & cranes

The Fröruper Mountains were shaped by the last Ice Age. But man has also left his mark here with extensive gravel mining. A varied woodland area has been created with cliffs and ravines, but also small moorland and heath areas. In the forest, you can get close to nature. Old, dead trees are allowed to lie where they fall and thus offer space for new life.

Sheep Shelter

White Polled Heath and their lambs

The sheepfold offers shelter to the wandering flocks of the countryside of the Upper Treeneland for the lambing season in winter - in which many little lambs see the light of the world for the first time - and for quite a few nights during the rest of the year too. This is also a popular location for events. From Easter, the flock of White Polled Heath migrates through the nature reserve areas of the Treeneland.

Viewing platforms

Viewing platforms by the Sankelmarker See, in the Fröruper Mountains and in the Treenetal in Tarp offer a fantastic view of the region.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung:

This project has been supported by the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Energy transition, the Environment and Rural Areas Schleswig-Holstein and from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). Implementation is being carried out with the support of AktivRegion Eider-Treene-Sorge.